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Let’s face it:

no successful organization would have been where it is today without effective leadership. Effective leadership is almost always one of the main and primary drivers for growth, development and innovation. 

Corporate Sales


Did you know you can improve your sales results by asking more questions? It sounds basic, but the truth is that the majority of sales meetings could be improved by working on your active listening skills and asking more and open questions. This little tweak alone will increase your ratio and boost sales performance.



Negotiation is about learning how to master the complexities of the word 'No'. Not 'Yes'. How many times during the day do you find yourself negotiating with people? Probably more than you think.

Corporate Culture 


"Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast" is a famous quote by Peter Drucker. And nothing could be more true, you can have an excellent strategy and perfect processes, but without the right corporate culture to back it up, you will fail. 


"The fun, interactive and demanding didactic approach that creates sustainable culture change and results in developed capabilities, must be experienced."

Senior VP, Global Telecom Company

”Practical examples and not just theories.

Interaction with group by making exercises. A lot of learnings can be applied to private life as well.”

Partner, Global Professional Service Firm

"We're in the fortunate position of having a strong brand name, and yet with the increasing competition we have to stay on our toes and have the sharpest partners and attract the best talent. To succeed we chose to partner with Per Cedergren and Cimplement.  They understand the need of professional services firms and the results far exceed the investment."             

                                                                                    Petter Vold,

                                                                                                             Managing Partner PwC, Norway                             

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