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Our People

Since 1993 we have delivered impactful programs all over the globe. Through our extensive network of associates we are still your number one partner in behavioral development.

Meet The Team

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Per Cedergren

Founder and CEO

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Karin Moerner


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Andrea Maxwell Oughton

Office Manager/Director Social Media

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Senior Associates

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William Lee

Senior Associate


Satu Ahlman

Senior Associate

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Patrik Agren

Senior Associate


John Waid

Senior Associate/Advisor


Daniel Stuber

Senior Associate

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Thomas Kronberg

Senior Associate

Our Global Delivery Sites

North America

Atlanta, GA

Miami, FL

Islamorada, FL

New York, NY

Los Angeles, CA

Toronto, Canada 

Mexico City, Mexico


Stockholm, Sweden

Helsinki, Finland

Oslo, Norway

London, UK

Zurich, Switzerland

Munich, Germany

Paris, France

Rome, Italy

Warsaw, Poland

South America

Sao Paolo, Brazil

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Beijing, China

Hong Kong, China

Singapore, China

Tokyo, Japan

New Delhi, India

Sydney, Australia

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